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MATH 4801 Undergraduate Seminar

Fall 2016
Instructor:  Dr. Enid Steinbart
Email:  steinbart@math.gatech.edu  
Office:  Skiles 218C, Ph: 404-385-0971
Office hours:  Office hours Fall 2016 (tentative):  Tuesday 9:30 - 11 and Thursdays 1:30 - 2:30.  No appointment needed at these times.
Appointments are available at gatech.gradesfirst.com . To schedule appointments for other times, please contact me steinbar@math.gatech.edu. 
Check my website for possible changes.
Steinbart's website:   http://people.math.gatech.edu/~steinbar/

The seminar is for and by the undergraduates!  Undergradates are an active part of this class by asking questions, engaging in class discussions, speaking (just 10 minutes or more!), and suggesting future topics and speakers.  Students registered for the class can earn 1 hour Math Elective credit.  Interested in speaking?   Let me know!  This seminar is a great place to talk about your research or another interesting math topics.

Course meeting time and locationThursdays 3:05 - 3:55, Skiles 171

Course Objectives:  This 1 hour credit course provides students with a broad exposure to areas of mathematics research at GT.  Each weekly seminar in this course will typically feature one or two speakers.  The speaker will describe research in a particular field of mathematics or a research project he/she has explored.  In addition to GT faculty members, speakers will include undergraduate students, graduate students, and visitors who will talk about their research or other interesting topics.  All students - registered for the class or not - are encouraged to speak! 

Prerequisites:  The prerequisite for the class is MATH 2401 or MATH 2411 or MATH 2605 or MATH 2552.  All student interested in learning more about math research at GT and various mathematics topics are encouraged to register for the course.

Grading:   On time attendance is mandatory; attentive listening and active participation is expected.  At the end of each presentation, be prepared to ask the speaker one or more questions regarding the presentation topic.  A three-fourths to one page report summarizing the major points of the presentation will be due BEFORE the next class period.  Reports are submitted on the T-square Assignment page.  Excused absences will be allowed only for situations approved by the Dean of Students or for participation in activities officially sanctioned by the Institute.  If you anticipate missing a class for a justifiable reason (e.g., job interview), please contact me in advance.

MATH 4801 is offered on a pass/fail (S/U) basis.  To earn a grade of Pass (Satisfactory), a student will have no more than 2 unexcused absences AND will earn 10 report points.  A student earns 1 full point for each well-written report.  A total of 10 report points are required.

Web Pages.  The MATH 4801 Speaker Schedule to date page contains the current week-by-week list of speakers and material related to MATH 4801.  Not all speakers have been scheduled, and the schedule is subject to change.  The page will be updated periodically during the semester.  The MATH 4801 Report Guidelines provides guidelines for the report and submission of the report.

Honor code.
  Please review the Georgia Tech Honor Code.  Any evidence of cheating or other violations of the GT Honor code will be submitted to the Dean of Students.